What Is The Best Advice Facebook VP Of HR Lori Goler Ever Got?

By David Cohen 

The best advice Facebook Vice President of Human Resources Lori Goler ever received came from Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, according to a new feature in Fortune, aptly titled, “The Best Advice I Ever Got.”

Goler said of her advice from Sandberg:

I told her that I didn’t have a lot of experience leading recruiting organizations, and she responded by saying that most men would not let that get in the way of taking a new opportunity. In fact, research tells us that women think they need to have all of the qualifications, or very close to all of them, for a new role before they jump into it. Men don’t feel the same way. I listened to Sheryl’s advice and jumped right into the position at Facebook. Like she encouraged me, I definitely encourage other women to jump right in.

Wildfire Interactive Co-Founder and CEO Victoria Ransom was also part of the Fortune feature, and her best advice came from her partner in business and life, Co-Founder and fiancé Alain Chuard:

My co-founder and fiancé, Alain (Chuard), says to worry about the things you can change and don’t worry about the things you can’t. Our company operates on top of platforms. As those platforms change, that can have a huge impact on us — either positive or negative. That can make things stressful. Plus, as we were growing, the economy created more stress. Alain would remind me that if it was something we could fix, let’s get to work and fix it. If not, we’re wasting our time with worry.

Readers: What is the best advice you ever got?