Benjamin Joffe Discusses The Massive Opportunity In Asian Markets [Slideshow]

By Neil Vidyarthi Comment

Obenjamin_avatar_head_crop_reasonably_smallne of the stand out presentations from this year’s Virtual Goods Summit was +8* (pronounced plus-eight-star) CEO Benjamin Joffe, who discussed the “Digital Goods, Real Billions” and the opportunity in the Asian market.

He began by saying there are already 2 Billion dollar brands in China and 3 in Japan. These companies are hugely profitable and are entering the US market. DeNA just bought ngmoco, who are they going to buy next year? Their profits are rising fast enough that they could make a similar acquisition once a year, and knowing their aggressive CEO, they just may well do that.

Having established the immense size of virtual goods in the East, Benjamin discussed the actual potential for virtual goods markets through app stores, 3D virtual worlds and online gaming. The presentation is very rigorous, and we strongly suggest you take a look if you’re interested in the burgeoning market of virtual goods. Also, please follow Benjamin Joffe on Twitter here.

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