Banter iPhone App Gives You A Local Landline Phone Number

By Bilal Hameed Comment

Blueface, a Dublin based internet telephony provider has just released a new iPhone app that gives iPhone users a virtual landline number, thereby allowing them to save upto 90% on call charges.

Once a user downloads the free Banter App, and creates an account with Blueface, he is assigned a “virtual landline number” depending upon his location (Dublin 01, Galway 091, Cork 021 etc) and his account is credited with 50 cents to make trial calls. Once the account is active users can make and receive calls on their landline numbers via their iPhones.

In order for the users to call their friends and family from their virtual landline number, all they have to do is to go to their iPhone contacts and hit call. The call would automatically be routed via Blueface’s call-center hub and hence the user wont have to pay the more expensive cellular rates.

Alan Foy CEO of Blueface commented about the App on Blueface blog:

We identified a gap in the business and residential marketplace for a cost saving app that can provide the option of a landline number without the line rental fee. While small entrepreneurial businesses need to provide customers with a landline number, they can do without the extra costs associated with a landline contract. Similarly, 30% of the residential population of Ireland no longer have a landline, but often do not wish to make expensive calls from their mobile phones. The Blueface Banter App provides a solution to all these needs.

According to Blueface, a mobile call from Ireland to Australia would cost a user some where between €1.46 to €2 per minute on a traditional mobile network. However, if the same call is made via the Banter App, it would merely be 9.7c per minute, which amounts to a saving of 96%. In addition to this, users can also get rid of their traditional landlines which typically costs €25 per month, as they would already have a landline number with the Banter App.

The app is currently available for Irish users, but the company has plans to roll out the App globally in the near future. For the time being, non-Irish users can use the App with an Irish number.