Badgeville Adds Rewards For Facebook, Twitter User Behavior After Peoplebrowsr Partnership

By David Cohen 

Gamification provider Badgeville will use social media data from PeopleBrowsr to incentivize and reward specific user behavior across Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, also tracking those users’ social graphs.

As a result of the exclusive partnership between the two companies, Badgeville clients will be able to specify exactly what users must do to earn rewards, while at the same time increasing awareness of their products and their content.

Clients can then use Badgeville’s gamification elements — points, achievements, levels, and missions — to reward their most influential customers both on their own websites and applications, and on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Behavior rewarded by Badgeville, using data from PeopleBrowsr, includes:

  • Facebook: posts, mentions, likes, shares, event invitations
  • Twitter: tweets, replies, mentions, follows
  • Web: blog posts, as well as posts and replies to discussion forums

Badgeville CEO Kris Duggan said:

Smart gamification is fundamentally a data challenge, where the more information you are able to track on user behavior, the more powerful your program becomes at moving the behavior needle. The exclusive partnership with Peoplebrowsr enables us access to a whole new level of information around user behavior in very public and valuable experiences.

PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich added:

Our partnership with Badgeville represents an exciting opportunity in integrating social signals into gamification reward systems that drive interactivity across a company’s digital experiences. There should be no barriers to sharing and engaging in social media, so we are thrilled to partner with Badgeville’s Behavior Platform to drive growth in interactivity and content sharing on the open social net.

Readers: Are you influences by rewards and other gamification techniques?