Autoplay Video Ads Reportedly Coming To Facebook’s News Feed

By Justin Lafferty 

In an effort to boost advertising revenue, Facebook will apparently start launching video ads in users’ news feeds, regardless if the person has liked the brand or not. According to AdAge, Facebook will launch video ads in early 2013, trying to attract TV advertising dollars.

Users should start to see video ads on both the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook by April at the latest. AdAge reports that they would be capped at 15 seconds and automatically start playing, according to sources. While the video component would play automatically (prompting a user to pause or stop the video), Facebook has not yet decided if the audio would play instantly, too — something that would likely anger many users.

AdAge’s Jason Del Rey explained how this is a way for Facebook to tap into the television ad market:

All of the executives interviewed view the new video ad product as a blatant attempt on Facebook’s part to wrest big ad dollars from TV budgets. Ad agencies have plenty of TV spots and increasingly want to extend their reach on the Web. But TV-like inventory on the web is scarce, which is why ad rates at places such as Hulu are so high.

Currently, brands can show video ads to their fans, but users must click on the videos to get them to play. Much like other news feed ads, this new type of advertisement would likely come from brands that users have not liked.

Facebook had no comment on these new video ads.

Readers: How would you feel about video ads automatically playing in your news feed?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.