Becomes First Complete Social Marketing Tool for Enterprises

By Sonja Hegman Andras 


Struggling to beat Facebook’s algorithm to garner more organic views for your posts? A new tool by designed specifically for audience targeting for enterprise organizations could help., a social marketing automation solution allowing corporations to pinpoint their most influential customers and advocates, recently unveiled its latest feature allowing users to:

  • create a custom Facebook audience from current contacts;
  • target ads to that audience; and
  • create a “lookalike” audience based on the existing audience profiles.

This is helpful for marketers because custom audiences are updated in real-time, which allows them to provide immediate social media touchpoints to even their newest customers. Lookalike audiences help them reach new prospects most likely to engage. This feature will become available to clients in September.

The cloud-based application can be used as a standalone tool, but also integrates with dozens of CRM and ESP systems.

Rosalyn Lemieux, CEO and co-founder of, said in a press release:

As digital agency veterans, we understand the challenges marketers face with personalization from big data, especially with the billions of customer conversations taking place simultaneously on social networks every day. is the only available application allowing marketers to prompt personalized email and social media communications, reserve resources and predict customer behaviors – all from social media conversations.

Used by more than 100 brands, also:

  • enriches customer profiles with 108 social network profiles, age, gender, Klout score, employment history, and more;
  • layers social data over list segments already defined in your CRM — e.g. only show me repeat customers in NYC over age 35 who are “influencers;”
  • identifies “influencers” hiding out in your CRM;
  • re-engages contacts who are no longer opening your email — by finding them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more; and
  • finds out which networks are most popular among your customers.