Facebook Tweaking Users’ App Ratings

By David Cohen 

Facebook appears to have rejiggered its user ratings for applications, following the return of the five-star ratings system late last month with a new “rate apps” module.

Sister blog Inside Facebook reported that some users are seeing the new module on pages across the social network, adding that the “rate recently used apps” section under users’ bookmarks has been resdesigned, as well, to account for the five-star system.

The apps and games discovery page is also displaying a featured apps section for some users, which highlights selected games and their average ratings.

Inside Facebook pointed out that users cannot choose which apps and games to rate, and that the appearance of these new features seems to be occurring randomly, citing as an example users who visited canvas apps, such as the Washington Post social reader, being asked to review other apps they have used recently.

Readers: Do you find the five-star average-review system useful in determining whether to try an app or game?

Screen grab comparing old and new apps ratings system courtesy of Inside Facebook.