is a Pay Social Network that Focuses on Users Rather than Advertisers

By Neil Vidyarthi 

A new social network has been creating a serious amount of buzz, and despite its unfortunate name, it has a smart premise and seems to be attracting a whole bunch of early paying customers. The network is called, and it’s a social network that promises to offer the same social services as other sites, but with a guarantee that they will “never sell your personal data” and that they will not even display advertisements on the network. They’ll do this by charging users $50 a year to use it.

The product is essentially a “real-time feed”, which is the backbone of the social network, and CEO discusses how any advertising-based social network has advertisers first and foremost on their mind. It’s a very strong switch of focus, and is a master stroke to getting grumpy confused social network users to finally have some trust in a social network. The CEO, Dalton Caldwell,¬†is a cool, accessible kind of fellow, who has enumerated his core values on the official project backing page.

The company’s simple guarantees, and a cool looking¬†alpha program has allowed to achieve $670,000 in a few days, passing their goal of $500,000. They have 10,000 users who’ve signed up for the product at $50. That’s not enough to really build a meaningful social network yet, but this project has a lot of buzz, and a few free months may help this thing achieve true virality.

Check out the video below for more information, and check back to Social Times for deeper coverage of the network this week.