Angry Birds is Enough Material for a Movie?

By Kenna McHugh Comment

The developers of the Angry Birds mobile game are laying a huge egg in the moviemaking business. Former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel has been signed on with Rovio as a special adviser to the company behind the smash hit mobile game.

If it is at all possible to turn the Angry Birds into a movie, Maisel is an obvious choice. He played a key role in turning Marvel’s film division into a standalone shingle. He secured financing for the company in 2005 to develop and finance its own slate of movies like Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

Variety reports that Rovio executives want their company to become another Pixar, replicating the kind of business model Maisel put together at Marvel. If all goes as plan, Rovio would be able to independently grow its brand, creatively and financially.

Marvel products are quite different from Angry Birds. Marvel has 70 years of comic book material ripe for moviemaking, whereas Angry Birds scope of material is very limited, a story without much depth. The young mobile game allows players to use a slingshot to help a flock of animated birds destroy a group of evil pigs who stole their eggs. I have played Angry Birds Seasons several times, probably more than I should, and I have yet to see a bird egg being retrieved from the evil pigs.

To be honest, the Angry Birds should take a supporting role in a major movie before going onto taking a lead role. They did rather well in the tie-in to Fox’s animated movie Rio, selling 2 million plush characters and making more of a name for themselves.