AllFacebook Stats Adds Data By Country

By David Cohen 

Just days after incorporating sharing features, AllFacebook Stats announced the launch of Facebook statistics by country.

Available data include total number of Facebook users, as well as percentage changes over the past one month, three months, six months, and one year.

AllFacebook Stats also provides data on countries’ active user development, and age and gender distribution.

In a blog post introducing the new features, AllFacebook Stats said:

Facebook user demography is a very interesting topic that helps you to estimate the overall growth of Facebook in certain countries and worldwide. Therefore we recently added a new section to our website, called Facebook Country Stats. These stats are available for everyone now.

To provide the Facebook country statistics, we track the data that is reported by Facebook Advertising. These are estimates that Facebook determines for certain ad target groups in the countries.

These country statistics and the specific details show once again why every business should be involved on Facebook. With almost 900 million active users, nearly every target group is represented.