ALERT: Two New Like Scams Spreading Through Facebook

By Nick O'Neill Comment

There are two new like scams that are spreading through Facebook, one of which is actual like-jacking, the other which simply prompts users to like and share a page to access restricted content.

The first scam, which is pictured below, teases users with content of a man who should be stoned for doing something horrible to a girl. An image depicting a guy pulling on a woman’s hair who’s on the ground is then displayed. It’s one of those things where you have to look even though you don’t want to know what’s there. As soon as you land on the site which this links to, there is a video player. When you click the video player though, nothing happens. Instead, you only end up creating a feed story which your friends end up seeing.

Simply put, don’t click on this link.

American Guy Stoned Feed Story

The other scam which is spreading is one that promises the users with more shocking content. In this case, the story states, “OMG! Look what happens when daughter and father meet on chat roulette”. Given that most of us know what content most frequently shows up on the Chatroulette site, it’s not exactly rocket science to figure out what shocking content is on the other site. In this case, there’s no shocking content though, just a page which asks users to like and share it. So far 840,000 people have liked the page.

Father daughter chat roulette

The bottom line is this: don’t click either of the stories above as not only are they not real, but they could result it you spamming all of your friends.

Thanks to Aidis Dalikas for the tip!