A Mother Decides Facebook Isn’t Private Enough, Starts UmeNow

By Kenna McHugh 

UmeNow.com is positioning itself as the bold new player set to destroy Facebook’s lead in the social networking universe. It’s the first and only ad-free social communication service in the world that is totally focused on privacy.

Founded by a Latina entrepreneur mom based in South Florida, UmeNow.com officially begins its “Facebook is Trash, National Privacy Celebration” promotion. “We will kill off the Facebook data eating monster,” says Evelyn Castillo-Bach.

“Our service is all about privacy. Facebook is a professional data collector. Google is the mothership of all data collectors. It has nothing on us. They’re not even in our league. Let’s not forget, Google chief Eric Schmidt told the world straight up that Google+ is not even a social network. It’s an ‘identity verification’ service. Anyone still think these giants really care about privacy?”

UmeNow.com boasts:

– We’ve designed the perfect anti-Facebook service. We give you everything they won’t while still making it easy and simple to connect with friends.

– Because we have no ads, we could care less about your private information or collecting data on you. Our only focus is to give you the power to connect and share without risk.

Our belief is that most people crave privacy and resent Facebook for limiting their access to it.

A video released by UmeNow.com depicts a superhero (actually a heroine) defending a Facebook user tracked by Facebook. It has created controversy among some who view it as violent with sexual messaging. But Castillo-Bach dismisses those critics: “It’s not about sex or violence. It’s about privacy.”