9GAG Reeled In 65 Million Unique Visitors With Funny Memes

By Devon Glenn 

A meme aggregator called 9GAG is going viral faster than Reddit, according to some new statistics the company shared at Y Combinator’s S12 Demo Day.  Much like the link-sharing site, or more picture-based sites like ICanHasCheezburger, people are flocking to 9GAG for the LOLs.

“Y U No Signup?!” is how 9GAG greets visitors to the site. The homepage is filled with images, which comedy critics can rate with a happy face or a sad face, make a comment, or share with friends. The most popular content is pushed to the top and filed under “what’s hot” or “trending,” which are apparently different things. This is a good site for testing your material on a new audience.

Here’s a picture of a rare Google Maps car sighting. (This meme did very well on Facebook.)

If you’re just there to look, there are channels for filtering the content by medium (as in “videos”), sentiment (as in “funny”), or things you can buy (as in, “shut up and take my money”).

The company is based in San Francisco and Hong Kong. In July 2012, 9GAG raised $2.8 million in seed funding from Freestyle Capital, True Ventures and other well-known investors, which it will use to hire more people and improve its products. Most recently, the company released an iPhone app.

Fresh from a funding round, 9GAG had some impressive statistics to share about its usage. As of July 2012, the meme site had:

  • 65 million monthly unique visitors
  • 17 minutes spent on the site per visit
  • 3.8 million Facebook fans
  • 920,000 Twitter followers
  • 750,000 mobile app downloads

9GAG’s founders said that Reddit, by comparison, only had 39.7 million unique visitors in July. What Reddit lacks in finesse it makes up for in community loyalty. Good for 9GAG if they can rival that.