8 Beers That Best Describe the Most Popular Social Networks

By Devon Glenn 

Today we raise a glass to Libatious, a social network for beer drinkers that launched today from its headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.  The site has a database of beers and breweries from all over the world for users to explore, bookmark and rate – an intriguing blend of Pinterest and Yelp.

In the real world, beer and social media go together like soda and pop rocks.  Just for fun, here’s a sampling of eight beers to pair with eight different social networks, inspired by the beers found on tap at Libatious.


Facebook is the world leader in membership, page views, and oversharing of personal information. This beer has an alcohol content of 18 percent. Do the math.


Ratified on December 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment repealed the prohibition of alcohol nationwide. It didn’t last long, but judging from the comments on President Obama’s Google+ hangout on Monday, the memory lives on in the fight to legalize marijuana.


Here’s a paradox for you: Instagram is a photo-sharing app that applies filters to your camera phone pictures to make them look hazy and golden like an old Polaroid. Hefeweizen is a wheat beer that’s left unfiltered, also giving it a golden, cloudy appearance. Your mind has been blown.


A visit to your old MySpace profile is the perfect occasion to pop open a bottle Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, because let’s face it, the site is kind of a graveyard.


It’s ladies night on Pinterest, so pin yourself a coaster to keep this colorful beer from staining your table. Frambois is made from raspberries, which give it a sweet-tart flavor and a pinkish hue. So pretty!


Read your morning headlines on the news-sharing site with a mug of this bourbon-barreled stout that’s perfect for morning drinking, complete with something called “coffee bean-soured espresso milking.” If the news is bad, the 11.2 percent alcohol content should soften the blow.


The blogging site is proud of its New York headquarters and so is this Brooklyn-brewed beer. Sweet Action is kind of sweet, kind of hoppy, and not at all bitter that it is the middle of winter right now.


Birds of a feather drink together, or something like that.

On Libatious, as with Twitter, users can follow each other to discover new beers. The beer profiles contain expert reviews, and are searchable by alcohol content (ABV), bitterness (IBU), color (SRM), country, and style, which will help beer aficionados separate the Chimay from the Bud Light Lime. For everyone else, there’s a “thumbs” up or a “thumbs down” button. Search responsibly.

Beer profiles courtesy of Libatious. Featured image by Valentyn Volkov via Shutterstock.

This post was updated on February 13, 2011.