7 Examples Of Legal Facebook Cover Photos

By Guest Writer 

Two weeks ago, we wrote a post that was an internal case study of sorts, examining six ways to leverage a Facebook cover photo. We highlighted recent cover photos that we rotated on our page during the past couple of months, each with a different call to action or announcement. (If you weren’t aware, Facebook recently changed the rules about text and cover photos, which is what motivated us to do this experiment.) We thought it would also be helpful to highlight what other social media experts and brands are doing. Here are a few examples we’ve seen lately.

Social media marketing expert Shama Kabani uses her cover photo to advertise her Web channel. Fans who come to her Facebook page might not know about her YouTube videos, but with her text overlay, the link is hard to miss:

With just a glance, visitors to Post Planner’s page learn what the Facebook scheduling software company promises to do for its users:

Social media expert Melonie Dodaro isn’t at all shy about using her words to let visitors know about her expertise:

FreshBuzz Media is clever, using a series of beehives, each with a single word, to let visitors know about the services the agency provides:

12 Most (a blog that offers a smorgasbord of business and social media-related tips) has a hard-to-resist call to action:

And last but not least, UFC uses its cover photos to advertise upcoming fights, and it changes them frequently (since news about updated cover photos appears in fans’ News Feeds, this is a great idea). Here are examples from two weeks in a row:

These are just a few examples we’ve seen lately. After our own experiment ended, we found this cool tool that allows users to upload photos and measure the amount of cover photo real estate that is covered with text. All you have to do is plug in the URL of your Facebook page and select the quadrants that contain text. The tool will give you a general idea of how much real estate is covered with text, but it is not precise, so use it as a guide. We also have our own measurement tool that can help you visualize 20 percent.

Readers: Have you updated your cover photos since the text rules were relaxed? Send a link in comments below so we can check them out!

Dana Kilroy is the director of content strategy at ShortStack.