5 Tips For Mastering Mobile Facebook Advertising

By Guest Writer 

Recently, eMarketer announced that mobile Facebook advertising now receives more mobile display advertising dollars than any other network or platform, including major players like Google. Here are five ways to master mobile advertising on Facebook if you’re late to the game.

  1. Create a mobile optimized website and landing page.
  2. Create ads designed for the mobile screen size.
  3. Target micro-segments of people using narrow interest or lookalike targets that match the type of people who visit your mobile website or app today.
  4. Create ads specifically targeted at the “News Feed (Mobile Only).”
  5. Integrate in with the Facebook SDK (Software Development Kit) if you’re trying to promote an application.

The report by eMarketer marks the beginning of a trend change in digital advertising. We’ve been telling all of our clients over the past few months that there is an incredible opportunity right now in Facebook’s mobile News Feed. That trend will not last as advertisers allocate budget to Facebook mobile advertising.

This incredible opportunity exists because clicks are artificially cheap due to an imbalance in supply and demand. People spend 18 percent of their time on Facebook while they’re on their smartphones. This creates a lot of unsold inventory for Facebook. Most large brands have not realized how to capitalize on this short-term opportunity. Once they do, the competition will increase, and the cost to advertise on Facebook mobile will increase.

For now, engagement metrics on mobile look great:

Here’s how you can set up a mobile News Feed targeted ad:

1. In the Facebook Power Editor, under “Creative & Placements,” select “Ad” as your type and select “For a Facebook Page using a Page Post.” 

 2. Then, select “News Feed (Mobile Only)” in the Placement section:

Facebook mobile News Feed stories look a lot like desktop News Feed stories. Here is an example:

Readers: Have you had success advertising in Facebook’s mobile News Feed?

Ryan Pitylak, CEO of Unique Influence, has spent the past 14 years helping startups gain awareness of new products and services. He focuses on generating customers for high-velocity startups and other innovative companies with a rigorous data-driven approach that identifies and solves the conversion gap, efficiently delivering the right high-impact customers by developing cross-channel marketing success.