5 Places to Use your Smartphone for Business

By Debra Eckerling 

Remember a time when you could not go anywhere without your laptop? You used it for scheduling, taking notes, presentations, etc. These days, with smartphones and tablets, it’s almost as if a weight has been lifted off of you. Actually, it has.

A smartphone is an email center, research device, camera, alarm clock, calendar, multimedia player, and more.

Here are five places you should always use your smartphone for business.

1. Events. “I find that more than anything else at business and networking events, I really rely on my iPhone,” explains AJ Feuerman, Manager, Digital PR & Social Communities, AEG Live, and Board Member of Social Media Club LA. “I want to be able to follow all the new people I’m meeting on Twitter, tweet and Instagram from the event, use Foursquare to see who else is there and so forth.”

“I always use my smartphone in conferences (not meetings),” says Marjorie R. Asturias, President, Blue Volcano Media. “Many of them have unique Twitter hashtags for conference attendees to use, and I find that they’re great ways to connect with fellow attendees and share conference news and events with those interested in the conference, but who aren’t able to attend for one reason or another.”

2. At the Office. “Using your smartphone as a ‘second screen’ to your desktop/laptop makes it easy to see your calendar, view reminders and notes, find your contacts, view social network activities, and keep important information at your fingertips,” suggest Alexandra Gebhardt, Chief Content Strategist, Inside Media Networks. “You can easily use the voice to text feature to take quick notes or the ‘do not disturb’ feature to communicate via text when you are unavailable.”

3. When Inspired. “As a fashion blogger, I am constantly snapping pictures of items I adore and trends I spy while shopping,” explains Meghan Lorine, EyeHateHeels.com. “With the help of various smartphone apps, I can upload the images and get instant feedback.”

When inspiration hits, the smartphone is there to catch it.

Writer Lisa Clemens overheard “a funny conversation that would work perfectly in a screenplay,” so she pulled out her smartphone and took notes.

4. Traveling. “I always make sure my smartphone is charged up before a long day of air travel,” says Tara Wright, Senior Vice President, FiddleFly Inc. “[I use it for] keeping up on email and killing time during layovers.”

And then there’s the even more digital reason: Travel Apps.

“Utilizing smartphone apps (e.g., TripIt, FlightTrack, and GateGuru) in an airport can keep you on time and instantly notified of gate changes or delays,” explains Charles Meadows, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Public Relations, St. Andrews University.

“You should always use your smartphone when traveling abroad,” says Bryan Leeds, Co-founder, Xsync. “Use Skype or Viber instead of paying for international minutes and messages.”

Plus, those language translation apps really come in handy when traveling abroad.

5. Everywhere. “I am super-dependent on my smartphone, and I take it everywhere,” admits Carrie Layne, Founder, BestBuzz. “I use it for everything: directions, social media, shopping, banking, emails, photos, Google searches, oh, and of course, making phone calls.”