20 Best iPhone Games of 2008

By arnoldzafra Comment

Still couldn’t get enough of your new iPhone 3G which you’ve received as a Christmas gift? Still scouring through the Apps Store looking for applications to install? Look no further as we’ve selected 20 of the best iPhone games which made it big in 2008. Most of these iPhone games are paid apps, so might as well select only a few that you would most likely enjoy.

FieldRunnefieldrunnersrs ($4.99)

If you are an iPhone owner, there’s no reason why this game should not be on your iPhone’s app screen. If you haven’t installed this game, you’re definitely missing a lot. FieldRunners is a Tower Defense strategy game will definitely keep you glued on your iPhone’s screen, playing countless hours trying to setup your defense. It’s got all the ingredients of a full-featured mobile game – great graphics, great gameplay, great sound, and great replayability factor. No wonder, it has receive the accolades of many people. FieldRunners will cost you $4.99 at the Apps Store. Believe me, it’s all worth the penny you have to spend for it.

Flick Fishing ($1.99)


Next to FieldRunners, Flick Fishing is also one of the best game that the iPhone got for 2008. This cool fishing game offers tons of features including 6 fishing locations with varying sea water conditions, 9 types of baits and tackles which you can use to get the biggest catch, 12 tournaments to complete and tons of fish species. For a full review of Flick Fishing, read it here.

SimCity ($9.99)


When this game came out last year, I had second thoughts of getting it because of its price – $9.99. But I told myself, what the heck, I love the PC game. And was I disappointed? Certainly not. The dollar I spent for it was definitely well worth the fun and enjoyment I got from playing it especially during the Holiday Break. The iPhone’s Sim City is an addictive game. If you’ve enjoyed building cities from the ground up in your PC, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy doing the same thing on your iPhone. Best part is, you can play it anywhere you go without bringing your PC along.

Orions Legend of Wizard ($4.99)

orionsThis game offers a unique gameplay and great replayability as a fantasy cards strategy game. If you’re into magical worlds, fantasy creatures, Dragons, Liches and Demons which are beautifully rendered on cards, this game will definitely please you. The PC version of this game was awarded as Best Strategy Game of 2007, and this iPhone version definitely deserves to be among the iPhone’s best game for 2008.

Labyrinth ($6.99)

labyrinthThis classic labyrinth game surely deserves to be among the iPhone’s best game apps for 2008. It offers more than 800 levels of well crafted and realistic labyrinth maze. Like the old David Bowie movie of the same title, this game is certainly fantastic.

Moto Chaser ($.99)

motochaserFor one cent less to a dollar, this game, Moto Chaser is one of the best game that your money can buy for the iPhone. Featuring flawless animation, full-3D racing environments and many more features, Moto Chase would definitely give you value for your bucks. It works flawlessly with the iPhone’s accelerometer when steering your motorbike to the finish line.

2079 ($1.99)

2079This futuristic space shooters offers tons of awesome animation, graphics and sound effects. You wouldn’t think that you’re actually playing a game made specifically for a mobile phone. Suits well with the iPhone’s small screen and yet big enough in features, gameplay and replayability. As a bonus, the game allows you to play your own MP3 from your iPod while blasting away enemy spaceships.

Rolando ($9.99)


Another expensive game and yet worth every penny you’d spend for it. It’s a full-featured platform game for your iPhone and perhaps even the best game in the said genre. Rolando features fully interactive environments, intuitive controls, and four unique worlds with 36 fun-filled and challenging game levels. For $10, you’d get to help the Rolandos from regaining the Rolandolands which was invaded by the enemies.

7 Cities TD ($4.99)

7citiesWait, before you continue reading on this list, you might want to check out the Apps Store for 7 Cities as it is currently on sale for $4.99. While your iPhone is downloading the app, then continue reading. This game is another engaging Tower Defense game set in the Amazon region. You have to defend the seven golden cities by any strategy that you can possibly think of. These game’s got tons of features including 2 game mods, 12 tower skills, and more.

Snail Mail ($1.99)

snailmailWho says Snail Mail is dead and long gone due to email? Well, at least in this game the old reliable way of delivering postal mail is still alive and racing. Guide Turbo the Snail in delivering mails as he races through 50 levels or three game modes – postal, challenge, and time trials.

Nanosaur 2($2.99)

nanosaur2This is another one of my favorite games for the iPhone. Fortunately I got it when it was up for sale at $.99 (current price is currently $2.99). This shooting game is not your ordinary shooting game for the simple reason that you take the role of a nanosaur out to gather some eggs in the prehistoric times to save his race in the future. Great storyline right? Wait till you play the game as it features great graphics and animation and great game play and level of difficulty. Read the full review here.

Air Hockey ($.99)

airhockeyThis game’s got several awards up on its sleeves. And it’s not surprising since it perfectly simulates the old air hockey arcade game. Realistic mallets and rockets, play with your friends or alone against a computer and experience an exhilirating game of air hockey on your iPhone.

Hero of Sparta ($10)

heroofspartaThe third $10-iPhone game on our list is this epic action game Hero of Sparta where you get to play as King Argos. If you love the movie 300 or Troy, you’d definitely want to have this game on your iPhone. It features iPhone-specific controls, 360 degrees 3D environment, weapons to upgrade and items to upgrade and more. Forget about the $10 you’re about to lose from your wallet, get his game now and you won’t regret it.

Enigmo ($1.99)

enigmoAnother award-winning game for the iPhone. Enigmo is an innovative 3D puzzle game that is not like your ordinary puzzle game. By tilting your iPhone, you direct various liquids into getting to their destination the fastest possible time possible. The faster you get the liquids flow into their destination, the higher your points become.

Lumen ($1.99)

lumenAnother puzzle game like no other puzzle game type of game, Lumen is an easy-to-learn game that offers long hours of gameplay once you’ve mastered the game mechanics. The game task you to light up all the checkpoints in the game by maneuvering a laser beam through various obstacles. The game currently offers around 2K+ of puzzles including those submitted by online gamers.

Texas Hold’Em Up ($4.99)

texasholdemLooking for a real-deal in casino card game for your iPhone? Then this game is what you’re looking for. Featuring 8 advanced AI opponents, autosave, natural user interface, 10 unique challenges and various game options, this game shoul definitely in your long list of great iPhone games.

Uno ($4.99)

unoOf course, we don’t have to describe what this game is all about. This is the all-time classic game made available for the iPhone. Relive memories of playing Uno the card game during your younger days. Offers customization, various action cards and multiplayer support through Wi-Fi.

Cro-Mag Rally ($1.99)

cromagrallyAh, the iPhone’s best kart racing game set ala-the Flintstones. Two words to describe this game – great fun! Read my full review of Cro-Mag Rally here.

GTS World Racing ($4.99)

gtsworldracingIt’s no Sega Rally or Gran Turismo, but GTS World Racing offers almost the same fun and goodness of those two console racing games for the iPhone. Of course, that goes without saying that the game takes the iPhone’s graphics engine to the limit. Featuring 4 play modes, great music soundtrack, and great accelerometer implementation, this game is worth installing on your iPhone. It’s the next best thing to having GTS on your iPhone.

Galcon ($4.99)

galconThis awesome space invasion game offers multi-player action with cool animations and great graphics. It’s fast-paced and yet offers a great strategy game play.

Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3D ($5.99)

nitrokartAlthough this game has been out as early as July 2008, I couldn’t help but put it on our list of best games for the iPhone. It’s a personal favorite of mine since the Playstation days of Crash. Read my full review here.