16 Things People Love to See and Share on Social Media [Infographic]

By Devon Glenn 

Technology and social media top the list of passions that social media users express when they’re using the search bar and sharing posts, according to a recent analysis of social media users.

To find out what people are searching for and sharing the most on social networks, the makers of the social search and analytics tool Prollie crunched the numbers on more than 5,000 of their users’ connected social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Tumblr.

They discovered that many hobbies that are popular in the real world were also popular online, like health and sports (10 percent), and food, drink, and travel (25 percent). Outside of the broader categories there were niche interests like classical music, astrology, and surfing.*

Facebook and Twitter audiences differed in the types of searches they conducted, with food, drink, and travel dominating the list of interests for Facebook users, while Twitter users were more interested in tech and social media.

*We’re not totally sure what “Nantucket” is doing in there, but Prollie’s user base is largely on the East Coast and this month, the island off the coast of Massachusetts is having both an entrepreneurship conference and a wine festival.