12 Days of ‘Gangnam Style’ Christmas Light Displays

By Devon Glenn 

Thanksgiving is over, giving holiday aficionados everywhere the green light to put more green lights all over their houses and lawns. This year, homeowners drew inspiration from PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” the K-pop hit that became the most-viewed YouTube video of all time. As you’re counting down to the holidays, take a look at these 12 amazing light displays set to the popular song.

1. This light display from Perth, Australia took 41,000 lightbulbs, 2,000 light channels, 2 kilometers of cable and 200 hours to set up, according to the video’s creator. Unfortunately, it was shut down after only three days.

2. This video shows a winter wonderland of snowflakes falling on trees that you can dance to. (We’re not entirely sure, but there may also be a cactus in there somewhere.)

3. Here’s a rustic “Gangnam Style” set in a little house in the woods.

4. Onlookers at this light display didn’t think it “very Christmas-y.” Why not? There are, like, four snowmen on the lawn.

5. Gangnam Reindeer-Style! (The reindeer really sells it.)

6. This one got some dislikes on YouTube for failing to include the audio, but if you’ve been practicing with the last five videos, you should be able to sing it yourself by now.

7. It took 45,000 bulbs to make this stripey Christmas light display set in Riverside, CA.

8. To give your eyes a break, here’s a video with fewer blinking bulbs and plenty of red and green action on the front of the house.

9. Go behind the scenes with Today Tonight to see how the light display in Perth was made.

10. For your dancing pleasure, here are 40,000 more bulbs at this house in Melbourne, Australia.

11. Nothing like an ice-cold soda to cool you off after a dance marathon. Check out the headlights on this Coca-Cola truck.

12. For the grand finale, we present a highlight video of all the best “Gangnam Style” Christmas lights this year.