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How to Win Friends and Influence People

What brands are doing for their social followers

Making friends is easy. Keeping them? That’s the hard part. That’s the conundrum facing many major brands as they move more and more of their marketing dollars to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,…

The Worldwide Watercooler

Social media transforms TV

This past spring, the season 2 premiere of HBO’s popular Game of Thrones had so many fans checking in and commenting on GetGlue that the entertainment social networking site temporarily…

Scaling Social Ads

The interest graph powers 140 Proof’s relevance engine

The founders of social technology com-pany 140 Proof believe in a philosophy of simplicity when it comes to social advertising: Social ads go everywhere people go. So brand messages that…

The Social Path to Purchase

The Collective Bias influencer community creates shopper content

Shopping is, by its very nature, a social activity—people always want to know what other people are buying or discuss what they’ve bought themselves with friends and other shoppers. Nowhere…

Shoutlet Triggers Action

How brands and agencies can manage social media at scale

Shoutlet CEO Jason Weaver likes to say that his company works in dog years. “Everything we do, we do at seven times the speed of other companies,” he notes. That’s…

SocialFlow Gets Some Attention

Serving content and ads based on what’s being talked about

Today, according to SocialFlow co-founder Frank Speiser, much of social media marketing is like someone walking into a crowded room and blurting something out through a bullhorn. It’s loud, intrusive…

Tenthwave Thinks Closer to Clients

Helping brands become more creative on social

When Tenthwave was created only 19 months ago, it had one mission in mind: to become an agency that matters. With a focus on digital and social, Tenthwave wanted to…

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