A Fan of Derrick Coleman Brings the Seattle Seahawks Some Good PR for a Change

By Shawn Paul Wood Comment

rileyMeet Riley Kovalcik (pictured left). 

An entire football team (and Richard Sherman, specifically) has her to thank for any good reports it is getting right about now. Riley is a nine-year-old girl who saw a moving advertisement about Seattle Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman, and wrote him a letter.

Riley, who is hearing-impaired, wrote Coleman a heart-felt letter that will melt your heart. You see, Coleman is the NFL’s first-ever legally deaf player. His story alone is amazing, but add a precious little girl’s sentiment of “I have faif in you” to the mix?

You have the makings for a viral sensation, a ‘Lifetime’ movie and enough positive mojo to win the entire Super Bowl on its own.

When Seattle beat the San Francisco 49ers (and before Sherman’s well-publicized implosion), Riley’s family were gathered around the TV watching the game. At that time, shortly before the game, Riley’s family saw this fascinating ad by Duracell:

While we could all learn something from Coleman’s refusal to never quit and give in to the ills of society, Riley was inspired so much that she wrote Coleman a letter to thank him for his excellent attitude. Her father, Jake Kovalcik, thought it deserved a little more attention, so he took to Twitter.

He tweeted the heart-melting letter to the 23-year-old with what you see below. The rest? It’s viral bulletin board material and the reason Peyton Manning’s swan song story and “don’t call it a comeback” will have to wait for another year. I mean, how do you argue with this?