How to Turn a Jeopardy! Contestant into a Viral Celebrity

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Well…not really. But the Arthur Chu story is an amusing example of TMZ’s pitching style. We got an email with the headine “Jeopardy Villain Arthur Chu — I’m NOT a Bad Guy … Just Greedy As Hell”, which is a generous spin on the man’s own comments, to say the least.

The copy is just as hyperbolic (emphasis ours):

“11-game “Jeopardy” champ Arthur Chu — widely criticized for his cocky attitude and unorthodox playing style — insists he’s not such a bad guy in real life … minus his unquenchable thirst for money.

As for what he plans to do with his massive check — watch the video.”

We already did—and it was almost as anticlimactic as the True Detective finale. But we do like this guy a lot more after watching it.

In case you wondered what the reps for such accidental celebrities do, take note of Mr. Chu’s publicist in the background. Does she look a little relieved as the interview comes to an end, or is that just us?