Update 2: Obama Rocks the Web


Web users were just as vocal on news sites. As of late Tuesday, AOL News had recorded more than 17,000 comments from users alongside its main story on the inauguration.
In addition, YouTube -- which did not carry the event live -- was fast becoming the place to catch short snippets. According to Web video metrics firm TubeMogul, early on Tuesday, 3.52 clips were being uploaded on YouTube every minute.

Overall, while the Web audience appears to have turned out in droves to watch and comment on Tuesday's ceremonies in Washington, D.C., the live streaming of the inauguration was not without issues. There were scattered reports of streaming delays on several prominent sites and not every viewer was able to log on when they wanted.

At, as demand increased beyond capacity, some visitors were greeted with the message: "You Made It! However, so did everyone else. This message means you've got your place in line to join our party. As soon as space opens up we'll put you through."

In a statement, CNN said problems were relatively few: "Judging from Live's experience, the Internet at-large performed pretty well at what's likely to prove a significant new level of video throughput: another coming of age event for streaming video online."

This story updates and replaces earlier items posted with revised audience numbers and additional information. All times are EST.


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