IHOP Is Releasing Special Snapchat Filters, but You Have to Visit the Restaurant to Use Them

Geo-fencing feature is all about engagement

IHOP is offering creative overlays to customers via Snapchat. Getty Images and Snapchat

IHOP today announced a Snapchat campaign that targets patrons inside its restaurants.

To push its Double-Dipped French Toast, the all-day breakfast brand is essentially using the same custom geo-filters Snapchat introduced to the masses on Monday. But it's working directly with the Los Angeles social app to serve the ad just to IHOP customers. 

IHOP and Snapchat developed what they are calling "chain geo-filters," location-based dynamic art that can be added to photo and video snaps. When using the app at a restaurant, customers who take a snap will be able to swipe to reveal IHOP-themed creative overlays.

Kirk Thompson, IHOP's vp of marketing, told Adweek that his team quietly released its custom Snapchat filter a few days ago, and it's already garnered 3 million views.

On why the new promotion is only zeroing in on people already in stores, he explained, "IHOP receives Snapchats from users every day, a lot of them taken while in our restaurant. Introducing customized filters was a great way to further engage with our guests and at the same time extend our brand message when they share that content with their friends."

The push also entails an interactive "Breakfast Name Maker" feature on the brand's website, letting viewers turn their names into breakfast-themed monikers. So, a "John Smith" could become a "Jumpin' Flap Jack," for instance, and then share such a personalized meme on social channels. 

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