Foursquare Unveils Its Own New Logo (Don't Worry, It's SFW)

Company also prepping an app redesign

Exactly one week after Airbnb's logo redesign went viral because people thought it looked like human genitalia, Foursquare is unveiling a new logo and app redesign. And fortunately for Foursquare, the refreshes won't likely spark jokes about vaginas and testicles on Twitter.

A Foursquare representative said the new logo represents a "mix of a pin and a superhero emblem," adding that a completely made-over app would come out in the next few weeks. It will be intriguing to see how the app either complements or differs from Swarm, a sister app that the digital player debuted in the spring.

Starting tomorrow, Foursquare will move all Foursquare check-ins worldwide to Swarm, as "roughly two-thirds of our users are already on the new app worldwide," the rep said. Past check-ins, friends and photos will be automatically ported over to Swarm, according to the rep. Whether the two-thirds claim represents its 50 million downloads or monthly user base is unclear.

The social-mobile app has gone through small logo redesigns in the past, though this iteration is a stark departure. The mark switches blue-green for watermelon-pink with a prominent "F" providing the design's signature element.

The New York-based tech company sent image previews of the logo, wordmark and app redesigns.

Here are the logo and trademarks: 

Here's the new home screen: 

And here is an example of the forthcoming venue pages: 

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