The Trouble With Back-Ends

CMS woes: Why publishers can’t publish on the Web

What Your CMS Says About You
Sweeping generalizations and broad, wild assumptions about your back-end

You’re a blogger, just like everyone else. You’re probably broke, and spend all of five minutes on your appearance each morning.
Who: Mashable, TechCrunch, GigaOm, every other blog ever

Last year’s bright, shiny object. Now, you’re small and slow. You’re also too familiar with bugs.
Who: The White House, Adweek

Crowd Fusion
This year’s bright, shiny object. You’re an early adopter. Look at you, early adopter!
Who: TMZ, The Daily

You’ve been hacked. No? You will be.
Who: Outdoor Photography magazine, MTV Networks

You love the ’90s. You still have a Myspace account.
Who: Time Inc.

Movable Type
You’re a loner, no-nonsense, Howard Roark type. You don’t have any friends. By choice, though, right?
Who: The Huffington Post, Boing Boing

You’re so sophisticated.
Who: Condé Nast

You’re newsy and serious.
Who: Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times