Hot List: Magazines

See what magazine brands are taking chances and embracing change


Even with a 3.6 million circulation and 45 million readers, People has grown its franchise yet again. Its content, already featured on screens in taxis, elevators, and stores, is now in some in-flight Internet services. And paid subs, at $100 a pop, grew 6 percent in the first half of ’11. No wonder People was Adweek’s Readers’ Choice winner.

Runner’s World

With people seeking customized experiences, Runner’s World shows what niche publishing can do. It outpaces rivals in social media, and products like its SmartCoach app and Runner’s World Challenge work on both individual and group levels. Bucking industry trends, subscriptions (despite an average price of $18) rose 3 percent in the first half of this year; its Klout score, at 77, is among the highest of sports publications.

Siempre Mujer

General-market women’s magazines may be challenged, but Hispanic-aimed titles are soaring. Few have taken off quicker than Siempre Mujer (Always a Woman). Thanks, in part, to a bright new look by editor Maria Christiana Marrero, ad pages shot up 29 percent to 203 from January-September, while circ grew 11 percent to 514,558 in the first half of 2011.

House Beautiful

In a category that’s lost multiple titles in recent years, House Beautiful is a rare bright spot: first-half newsstand sales rose nearly 2 percent as the industry fell 9 percent. Among other things, it’s using technology to engage readers, most notably with its 500+ Favorite Paint Colors app and digital watermarks that link the page to videos and other mobile content. Its Klout score, at 62, is the highest among shelter mags.

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