Musa Tariq
Chief Brand Officer

Musa Tariq on Reflection, Learning And Mining The White Space

Update: Musa is now Head of Marketing, Airbnb Experiences

Musa Tariq, Chief Brand Officer of Ford and current “Student of Life”, shares his perspective on The Future of Marketing and the importance of focusing on the White Space.

After following Musa on social and noting the cool things he was doing since he left Ford, I just had to know more about what he was up to and why.  Simply said, he’s “just learning” for now and taking full advantage of a time-out to try everything, talk to everyone and draw his own conclusions on what the future could hold for big brands and challenger brands.

Join me in this humbling session with Musa where he shares more on what he’s been learning, what’s shaped his course, how to turn tragedy into inspiration and how to self-develop when the system may not work for you.  Clearly his approach pays off having had successful roles at AppleBurberry and Nike to then become one of the world’s youngest Chief Brand Officers of a company the size of Ford.  I can’t wait to see where he will go next!

Special note: Not only is Musa upping his game, but he inspired me to up mine too!  Thanks to KFOG and the Cumulus Media family we were able to record this special session in their studios using headphones heavier than our heads and an extensive dashboard of very complex gadgets reminding me of Star Trek’s Enterprise command center.  How fitting for this recording with Musa, who reminds us all to ”boldly go where no one has gone before.”