TV on the…TV

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If you live in Chicago, work in design, advertising, or television, and have never been to the annual Optimus block party, you’re completely nuts. Once a Summer, this swanky, three story post-house opens their doors up, blocks off their street corner, buys up every case of beer in the entire city, and invites a thousand of their closest friends (half of which, I think, are people that just happened to wander by and decided to stop in). Sure, it can be a filled with a little ego, as advertising type things tend to be, but you’re probably not going to have a better time on a hot August afternoon. Not for free at least. This year, Mini Kiss played in their loading dock.

But beyond just drunken fun, the gang at Optimus are always doing something interesting. A lot of their people, like any firm, have a variety of creative side projects. But they’ve managed to corral everyone back, for awhile at least, for this year’s terrific OptiTV. The first series of spots came out in May. Now they’ve just released a new batch. Here’s the whole scoop from Screen Magazine:

For the second time this year, Optimus displays its collective creative chops in 23 wildly imaginative 30-second “commercials” that will air throughout December on popular cable shows. The only reference to Optimus-as-sponsor is the name on clever three-second tags produced by the graphics and audio departments.