The Finest Form of Flattery

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Chances are, you probably aren’t working under something as nice as a Tizio Lamp by Richard Sapper, but most likely you’re near enough one that was highly influenced by his work, along with those of other designers like Achille Castiglioni and Ingo Mauer. The bad news is that, if you want an original, you’re probably going to have to keep working under those awful flourescent lights at your day job for the next seventy-five years, saving every dime all the while. The good news is that now you can buy and assemle damn fine homages to them from The Designer Emulation Kits company. Well, not yet, but they say they’ll be out soon. From the mouth of creator, Mark McKenna:

The Designer Emulation Kits (DEKs for short) are meant as the sincerest homage to some of the greatest modern designers of our time. The lamps and designers being emulated have a particular importance. They are represented in countless design tomes extolling the various movements, and they are held up as prime examples of good design.

We revere these objects, but they are also a bane and a challenge. How can we ever measure up to the genius of Castiglioni, or the sheer concentrated emotion of Maurer? The truth is we cannot. We have to find our own voices, our own vision.

Our DEKs might not help us decide which way to go, but at least they let us laugh at ourselves along the way.