Social Media Recruiting

By Becki Heller Comment

Plaxo is teaming up with SimplyHired to create a new type of job board. Much like LinkedIn’s job board&#151also powered by SimplyHired&#151Plaxo is turning the job hunt into a social experience with options to share, viral and comment.

According to the release:

Plaxo members in the United States will now see a new Jobs section on, where hiring managers and recruiters can post new job listings, and where job seekers can browse or search postings from across the Simply Hired network. In a unique twist, jobs posted on Plaxo are turbo-charged with the “social power” of the poster’s extended network. They can be shared, re-shared, and commented upon, like any other shared content on Plaxo. In addition, Plaxo members will start to occasionally see highly targeted job listings in their Pulse stream, based on the professional info on their profiles.

Job targetting sounds like an interesting proposition, but we’re not quite sure if the current set up totally trumps LinkedIn’s ability to display your contacts along side every job listing. We do admit that social networking is bringing job searching into a whole new, interactive stratosphere. We can’t wait to see what sites develop next!