5 Ways to create a Google Map in minutes

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Breaking news stories are greatly enriched when paired with Google Maps. Car accidents, natural disasters, rallies and speeches, celebrity sightings and more all benefit from a small map that indicates their location. The Google Maps API is a great tool if you’d had experience using it, but there are a number of third-party applications that streamline the map-building process and facilitate and quicker move to the web when time is a factor. Below are some of the best tools for creating worry-free Google Maps.

Map Builder | www.mapbuilder.net
Special Features: Address search, Upload multiple locations (CSV file), Editable HTML code, customized controls

Atlas | www.fmatlas.com
Special Features: Novice-friendly simplicity, Address, business and Wikipedia search, Bulk uploader (CSV),

CommunityWalk | www.communitywalk.com
Special Features: Create paths, Color-coded or custom markers, Bulk upload (Excel), Export points, audio capabilities, social networking

Google My Maps | maps.google.com
Special Features: Create custom markers, lines and polygons, Add HTML, photo and video to pop up balloons, collaborate and share with others, Overlay additional content

YourGMap | www.yourgmap.com
Special Features: Novice-friendly simplicity, Export markers to CSV file, Customized controls and markers, Embed final map

If none of the aforementioned services floats your boat, Mashable has a list of 50+ Tools and Resources for Online Maps.

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