A Brand Is A Brand Is A Brand Is A…


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There’s a lot of talking about branding these days. And becoming a brand. It’s almost like you’re not a celebrity if you’re not a brand. Elle MacPherson is a brand with her line of lingerie, Elizabeth Hurley‘s hawking her bikinis, and who’d thunk that women would snap up Carlos Santana‘s shoes? But it’s 21st century and this is what people do now – they buy an entire wardrobe designed by Hollywood stars. Eventually the abovementioned folk are going to have to rebrand so that people will buy more of their stuff. So it’s only natural that there’s a global competition for this kind of thing. The deadline for the 2007 Rebrand 100 entries is Sept. 27. It’s open to any rebrand launch between January 2004 and September 2006. We think it’s a fine idea. We’re hoping that Ernest Hemingway‘s offspring will enter the contest now the Hemingway the writer has become a brand with a line of furnishings no less.