Opinion Awards and Ari Talk

By Garrett 

Two big parties for the media class ce soir: While we’re going to be at The Week magazine’s Opinion Forum awards (Pretty please can we sit near Wonkette at dinner?), Ari Fleischer’s hosting a book party across town tonight. The nice thing about dueling events like this? Most reporters will skip both and just go home, and then tell anyone who asked where they were that they went to the other party.

The Week magazine’s tony opinion awards tonight will recognize a columnist, advocate, editorial cartoonist, and blogger of the year. The finalists, announced previously, are certainly some big names, but we’re really looking forward to discussion of “Is the media elite out of touch with America?” with George Stephanopoulos, Tina Brown, Margaret Carlson, and Pat Robertson. Elite indeed.

If you’re interested, finalists for columnist of the year are Peter Beinart (The New Republic), Steve Chapman (Chicago Tribune), Richard Cohen (Washington Post), Kathleen Parker (Orlando Sentinel), and Mark Steyn (Chicago Sun-Times).

Ari Fleischer’s book party was also a hot topic at the White House yesterday. The debate? How much of the book one had to read in order to go. The consensus? None of it.

Oh, and if you’re one of the huddled masses who didn’t get an invite to either event? Can we suggest tuning in to watch Nightline as it examines “blogging” and “pants-wearing.” 11:35 p.m. on your local ABC station…