Zynga unleashes CastleVille Legends on mobile

During a recent preview event, Zynga revealed new details and gameplay information for CastleVille Legends, the developer’s mobile version of the Facebook hit. The game is a new experience, completely separate from the Facebook game, and has been designed specifically for use on mobile devices using touch controls.

CastleVille Legends stars a variety of characters from the original game, including Yvette, Raphael and even Hazel in a late game storyline. Just like the Facebook version of the game, CastleVille Legends allows people to build a fairytale kingdom in a lush forest as they push back the gloom, rescuing characters and completing quests as they progress.

Players use tapping and swiping motions to complete most actions, starting with creating a magical castle and vault. Afterwards, players must balance the use of resources like coins, water, and fruit (as examples) to expand their kingdom. As users make progress, they’ll unlock different buildings, including kitchens and workshops.

These buildings will transform base resources into more valuable items via a crafting system, or otherwise provide players with items they need to make progress elsewhere. The woodshop, for instance, lets players transform their wood into arrows.

Some of the biggest additions from the original Facebook experience are places of legend. These magical locations can be explored by characters to find bulk XP, treasures that can be sold for lots of coins, and so on. These give the game’s character more purpose, instead of just watching them stand on the map.

Another major addition is the Sea Trading system, a global marketplace, giving players a chance to buy and sell unwanted items among other real CastleVille Legends players.

CastleVille Legends features multiple opportunities for monetization. Players can purchase coins and Crowns, the game’s premium currency, using real money. These can then be used to speed up tasks, purchase premium items for the store, and so on.

CastleVille Legends is now available to download for free on iOS for iPhone and iPad. Check back soon to track the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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