Zito Partners Launches

Bob Zito, a 30-year PR vet who has worked with Sony Corporation, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, and brought TV cameras to the New York Stock Exchange’s opening and closing bell, has partnered with former colleagues to launch Zito Partners.

The firm opens for business today with four clients: Prudential, The Hotlist, Contact Marketing Solutions (CMS), and Greco Nader & Associates, a wealth management firm.

The firm is a full-service brand consultancy that provides social media services, IR, government relations, and other services. Karina Correa-Maury was recently a director at Topping Media. And the first two members of the firm’s advisory board are Dick Grasso, former chairman of the NYSE, and Joe Grano, chairman and CEO of Centurion Holdings.

Zito Partners has signed a number of partner firms including New Jersey-based CN Communications and London and New York-based event management firm First Protocol. According to Correa-Maury, Zito Partners will also work with clients from its partner firms.