YuMe to Roll Out New Ad Verification Tool

YuMe, a video ad network and technology firm, is introducing a new service it claims will prevent Web video ads from running alongside objectionable content. YuMe plans to roll out the ad verification tool immediately to all of its advertisers free of charge, beginning June 21.

Ad verification has become a hot topic in digital media. Buyers have complained that clients’ ads might end up beside pornography or hate content, or simply on a site that reaches the wrong target.

Hence, the emergence of companies such as DoubleVerify, which touts tools that either detect when ads are where they aren’t supposed to be, or actually block ads from being there. Many see this problem as being more acute with online video.

“[Advertisers] have requested us to be safe,” said YuMe co-founder Jayant Kadambi. “Keeping the trust of advertisers is an important part of this business.”

According to Kadambi, verification companies are unable to police video as effectively as with display ads, which is why YuMe created its own service. “It’s not that easy for a display company to get their software into a video player,” he claimed.

Since YuMe has access to its partners’ video players, it can proactively and regularly check for inappropriate content. “This is a proactive response to brand safety rather than a reactive one,” said Kadambi.