YoVille Achieves Record Daily Traffic Numbers Despite Protests

-Sweets Factory Icon-Over the weekend I wrote about the “massive protests” taking place in Zynga’s virtual world YoVille. I kind of poked at the protesters in the article because they are the vocal minority. When you’re in the midst of a protest it appears as if everybody is protesting. The new changes were controversial for those users who had spent time and money on the game over the past year or two. The main issue was that users are now forced to return to the game on a timed basis in order to earn revenue. I’m still not convinced it’s an unfair adjustment.

Over the weekend over 60 people commented on our post, nearing the controversially referenced petition which now has a whopping 159 signatures. Many YoVille users have personally emailed me claiming that this change is utterly ridiculous and that my article was unfair. I can understand why they would think this was true as supposedly “thousands” of users were protesting in the Zynga forums. Unfortunately for these users, the statistics don’t show that the protests had any effect though.

In fact the daily active users to YoVille have since jumped to 3.24 million, over 200,000 more than were active last Thursday before the protests began. That means the angry YoVille mob which would like the widget factory to return are probably not going to be successful. Instead the sweets factory, which has a timed system for generating revenue, will stay for good.

To those YoVille users who turned to this site for support, we’re sorry that your protests have not been successful but keep in mind that your arguments have been listened to. If you think we’re not listening, you’re wrong. I personally spent an hour trying to interview users in YoVille about the supposed protests but the only response I could get was from people who really could care less about this virtual YoVille movement.

To the vocal minority that claim we didn’t view the YoVille forums, we did. We read the thread which has 342 replies, another with 362 replies, and another with 104 replies which requested an in game clock so that users don’t have to consistently return. Trust me … we’re listening. The reality is that a small number of extremely vocal users don’t like the new change and understandably so. Unfortunately Zynga doesn’t have the ability to cater to a few angry users when over 120 million people are playing their games.