You're Doing It Right

Several months ago, I was chatting with a very intelligent friend about Twitter, and she was telling me that she didn’t get it, and wondered why. Stupidly and unfortunately, I suggested to her that I didn’t think she would ever get it because, quote, “You’re not the right kind of person.”

It was a ridiculous thing to say, and I regretted it immediately. (Alcohol was involved, but that’s never a legitimate excuse for behaviour.) We ended up falling out for a little while. Rightly so, given my attitude, but a separate negative was that she then wrote Twitter off entirely.

We’ve since patched things up. Recently, she contacted me privately on Facebook, saying that was attempting to give Twitter another go. She mentioned she’d been reading my various tutorials and articles on Twittercism (which left me feeling both humble and guilty), but that she couldn’t find an ‘in’. She feared that she simply didn’t fit, and because of this didn’t have any idea as to how to make it work. Without any malice or tone, she concluded by saying that it turns out that I was right after all.

The only problem is I was completely wrong.

There is no right way to use Twitter. The tricky part about that is I think that there are some obvious wrong ways, but ultimately if what you’re doing is working then it’s right for you. That’s all that really matters. Are you enjoying Twitter? Is it something you look forward to? Is it part of your day, and something you value? These are the only things that count.

It’s largely irrelevant if you use Twitter exclusively to chat with friends, arrange business deals, share the latest news and insights or to offer a real-time support solution to your customer base – if your time on Twitter is productive then it’s time well spent.

Productivity, of course, is entirely relative. That’s the key part. I think the only ‘right’ thing you should be doing with Twitter is making a habit of it. What you do after that is completely up to you. Don’t let people tell you that you’re doing it wrong, because you’re not. (And that includes me, because as we’ve seen I can be a real ass sometimes.)

As long as you’re doing it the way you want, as long as it’s fun, and as long as it leaves you hungry for more (and isn’t screwing anybody else), it’s all good. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re doing it right.