‘You Don’t Bring a Gun to a Snowball Fight’

The snowball fight in Washington, D.C., organized via Twitter, was all fun and games until the gun came out.

A plainclothes detective whose Hummer was hit by snowballs pulled the vehicle over and drew his gun while confronting the participants in the snowball fight, The Washington Post reported.

The event was launched by 25-year-old former Apple Genius Yousef Ali, who told the Post a friend’s Facebook status inspired him, and he used Twitter and his dormant personal blog to promote the snowball fight.

Ali told the Post:

Basically, I used a lot of my social-media-promotions techniques and on Twitter to really push this thing pretty big. I pretty much did this consistently until about 5 in the morning Saturday, so it was almost like 11 hours straight staying in my apartment working on this stuff.

According to eyewitness accounts reported by the Post, a maroon Hummer pulled up and was hit by snowballs, and then a man in plainclothes got out with a gun in his left hand and did not identify himself, and at least one person threw a snowball at him. Most witnesses said the man kept the gun at his side, but some told the Post he holstered the gun and then charged into the crowd, pushing at least one snowball fighter with his finger and threatening to haul others to jail.

After police arrived, the Post‘s account continued, snowball fighters chanted, “You don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight” and demanded the detective’s name, and he admitted to pulling his gun after being struck by snowballs. Then, as the detective was walking back to his Hummer, he was struck again by a snowball and ran back into the crowd to grab the man he thought was the culprit.

D.C. Assistant Chief Pete Newsham, head of the Investigative Services Bureau, told the Post:

(This) would not be a situation in which a member (of the force) would be justified (pulling his or her gun). We have to see what the entire circumstance was. But just a snowball fight, not in my mind. That doesn’t seem a situation where we would pull out a service weapon.

The moral of the story: Be careful who you hit with a snowball…they might be packing heat.