Yes, he’s an alleged extortionist, but what about his eyewear?

The LATimes has found no less an expert than Mickey Kaus to tell them that people in Los Angeles are responding to the Jared Paul Stern Page Six scandal with an indifferent head nod before returing to their Crackberry. This is news? People not caring about something?

So why hasn’t the scandal captured this city’s imagination?

Media observers and Hollywood publicists alike say L.A.’s status as a one-industry town is part of it.

“It takes more to make a scandal in Hollywood than Jared Paul Stern,” said Mickey Kaus, who writes the Kausfiles blog for from Los Angeles. “Hollywood has looser ethical guidelines. People get gratuitous [movie] producer contracts just to keep relationships going and they don’t pretend there are no conflicts of interest. Nobody makes any bones that it’s a mad scramble for sex, power and money.”

The article makes the assumption that Los Angeles has some imagination to capture, a notion that the Time dissuades when then devote an entire article to Mr. Stern’s occasional wearing of a monacle. Now if only Don Rumsfeld wore one maybe we might learn something about Iraq.

The truth is people in LA dont care about it because we have already seen the Jared Paul Stern story when they screened Sweet Smell of Success at the Eqyptian last spring. And Tony Curtis has much better hair, anyway.