Yahoo Movies Is Facebook's Most Explosive Page

While Harry Potter may have had a slight hand this page's success, the ongoing free popcorn promotion has Yahoo Movies taking the lead this wee

This week’s most popular giveaways have been making certain Facebook pages the most popular. A few entertainment options and restaurants have also made the list. Check out the roundup below, and if you like what you see here, you’ll love the statistics tool used to compile these rankings.

Facebook’s Most Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1. Yahoo Movies 825,785 19,469 136,969
2. eBay India 742,920 13,409 110,201
3. Official Vertical Horizon 113,287 70,089 104,335
4. Ruby Tuesday 503,015 -515 103,313
5. P.F. Chang’s 337,441 3,824 96,278
6. Bild 305,385 14,277 94,248
7. Neutrogena 461,208 14,438 87,885
8. Sunkist Soda 306,019 12,662 83,692
9. Spencer’s 327,905 16,547 81,956
10. Abby Wambach 159,384 7,450 80,570


While Harry Potter may have had a slight hand this page’s success, the ongoing free popcorn promotion has Yahoo Movies taking the lead this week. An additional 136,969 moviegoers are enjoying a free buttery treat.

Neutrogena have launched a new charitable promotion. By registering certain cosmetic products, The Wave For Change campaign will make a donation to GlobalGiving. The brand garners new 87,885 likes, for a seventh place finish. Not far behind, Sunkist Soda is hosting a concert sweepstakes that helps them finish with a 83,692 increase.

Five times a day popular gift store Spencer’s is giving away a $100 gift card, but be sure to also print the fan coupon for guaranteed savings; 81,956 new entries have the shop taking the ninth position.


Heading across the world, eBay India continues to grow closer to a million fans; this week the page grows by 110,201 social networkers. Staying global for a moment, Germany’ Bild collects a number of top stories ranging from news to a heavy sports focus. The page’s weekly growth total of 94,248 lands it in the sixth spot.

Popular late ’90s rock band Vertical Horizon – their decade old single still more than likely ends up stuck in your head on occasion – takes a massive leap forward on the social network. The band continues to make music, and their official Facebook page takes third this week accruing 104,335 new fans.


Talk of free burger coupons seem to be the reason behind the 103,313 spike on Ruby Tuesday‘s page, but the commotion seems to have simmered at this point. Continuing in the spirit of this week’s freebie theme, P.F. Chang’s is celebrating its anniversary by giving away lettuce wraps. The restaurant chain propels to fifth place with 96,278 people enjoying the free appetizers.


Fans turned towards Facebook to route for Abby Wambach in her recent World Cup appearance. The page rounds out our list with a 80,570 weekly growth increase.

Readers, did you find yourself fanning any of this week’s explosive pages?

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