WSJ Reports High Profile Android & iOS Apps Storing User Data Unencrypted

Though most of us tend to have memory leaks regarding cyber security, it seems like that of the many unfortunate things that happened in 2011, security breaches will be one of them. Sony’s multiple problems with the Playstation Network is probably the best one know to technologists. But, they are certainly not alone. Citigroup announced this week that their security was breached and information about 200,000 card holders was accessed.

And, the Wall Street Journal reports on warning from a security firm that several high profile apps for Android and iOS (iPhone) are not handling their data securely.

Some Top Apps Put Data at Risk

Some apps (Android versions of Linkedin, Netflix and Foursquare) store both the user’s username and password unencrypted. It is especially ironic that the Netflix for Android app is among apps mentioned. Netflix was unable to deliver an Android app for a long time because of issues related to protecting the streaming video content.

It should be noted that these issues, that while potentially serious, are not presenting an immediate threat to most people.