Would You Trust Your Phone to be an Electronic Airline Boarding Pass?

From the San Francisco Chronicle, an idea whose time has come. But, will it work?

SFO boarding passes go paperless

The article is about Continental trying out paperless electronic boarding passes at San Francisco airport. However, it also mentions that American, Alaska and Delta/Northwest also have electronic boarding pass services at 30 airports in the U.S. Continental sends their e-boarding to supported phones (the BlackBerry is the only one specifically mentioned in the article) which displays a barcode on the screen that is scanned at the gate.

Here are my questions though: Have you ever read the various stories and statistics about the number of lost cell phones in the U.S. and worldwide every year? I couldn’t find a relaible recent statistics. But, I recall the numbers were huge. And, have you ever seen the haphazard way many people carry their phones stuffing it halfway in a pocket and then wondering why it fell out and was lost? My gut instinct is that most people are much more careful about storing and transporting a paper boarding pass than they are their phones. And, what happens if your phone decides to simply stop working on the way to the airport (that happened to me about a year or two ago)? What then?

I would use this service only if there is the option to print out a boarding pass at a self-service kiosk at the airport as a backup.