Would You Rather Get 10,000 New Followers On Twitter, Or Win A Car? [STUDY]

Would you like to have 10,000 followers on Twitter? New followers?

I mean, who wouldn’t, right? Imagine what you could do with that pick-up. But what if I gave you a choice. What if I said that you could 10,000 new, relevant, fresh-off-the-presses Twitter followers… or a new car?

What would you choose then?

This was just one of several interesting “would you rather?” questions posed in a study by Youth Pulse, who gave hundreds of 14-30 year-olds a serious of either/or dilemmas to get a “snapshot of the dreams and desires of the generation”.

Just 10 percent of people chose the Twitter followers over the new car, which makes sense. I mean, a new car is a new car. But you might feel differently. If you have the money already, a new car might not be that big a deal. But as we’ve shown time and time again, buying Twitter followers is never a good idea, so you might prefer the +1s. Or, maybe you could take the car, sell it, and use the cash on Twitter’s advertising platform.

Either way, you can’t have (or at least, keep) both, so take your pick, check out the rest of the questions in the visual below, and hit the comments to let us know your choices.

(Source: Youth Pulse. Question mark image via Shutterstock.)