World of Warriors Surpasses 167M Battles, Receives Multiplayer Arena Mode [Infographic]

Mind Candy’s World of Warriors has seen more than 167 million battles take place since the game’s launch in November 2014.

World Of Warriors

Mind Candy’s World of Warriors has seen more than 167 million battles take place since the game’s launch in November 2014. The fighting role-playing game challenges players to battle across the Wildlands while collecting the greatest warriors in history, from ninjas and knights to vikings and more. In addition to some impressive gameplay stats, Mind Candy has revealed a new content update for the game, bringing an arena mode to gamers.

The game’s arena mode will allow gamers to go head-to-head in battles for a chance to win prizes as they climb the multiplayer leaderboard. Players must not only build the best team for offensive domination in combat, but must also create a team with the ultimate defense to represent them when they’re away from the game.

As part of this event, players will be able to complete battles in stadiums, earning the adoration of the crowd for extra points. As players win battles, they’ll receive upgrades and the ability to customize their own stadiums.

Over 15 million warriors have been summoned in World of Warriors since launch. North America and the U.K. lead the pack as the top countries playing the game, with 13 million skull army minions defeated to date.

World of Warriors is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Check out an infographic with more of the game’s stats below.