World Fisheries Study Announced: FBLA Focues on the Trivial So You Don’t Have To


FBLA freely confesses to a certain silliness in our outlook. Our detractors–yes, we do have some–might call us immature but we prefer to think of ourselves as youthful.

For example, while reading the LA Times, we took a look at an important story about the decline of fisheries, all we could focus on was the name of the biologist who led the research team.

Dr. Boris Worm

Marla Cone, who wrote the piece, has commendable self-control, as she never references the aptness of the guy’s name. And she makes us wait until way down in the piece for the 2nd reference:

Worm said similarities in all the data “surprised, even shocked” him and his colleagues.

FBLA wonders if Worm wanted to study fish, or if he was fated to do so. When you think about it, what choice did he have, really ?