Workstreamer Gets Seed Funding to Help You Work Better

Workstreamer, a new startup dealing with business-oriented social media networking, has received an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Austin Ventures. As Workstreamer is currently in private beta for its alpha testing, there’s not too much first hand information we can provide. But according to Workstreamer, the company will be combining social media, streaming information and professional networking for the purpose of “creating and capturing real-time work activity between individuals and businesses.”

From the looks of it, Workstreamer will be looking to take professional social networking to the next level, with features that may resemble updating tools, imported RSS feeds, related news items, and a few networking options with other users. Some of these features are already included in dedicated professional networks like LinkedIn, and Facebook has a number of existing social networking features and is heavily utilized for professional networking though this was not the site’s initial intent.

Workstreamer founders Sam Huleatt and Ben Schippers have also noted that its service will aim to help users, groups and organizations improve their work-flow. The site already has a handful of businesses taking advantage of Workstreamer’s private beta. There are a number of workflow services out there hoping to improve a business’ workflow on some level, seeking efficiency between team members, individuals and organizations via an online mechanism but we’re unable to compare these services to Workstreamer at this time.

Given the increased hopes and potential of professional online networks in times of economic turmoil, it’s a good time for Workstreamer to enter the market as many individuals turn to online tools to actually network and find new jobs or improve the jobs they already have. While there’s no indication that Workstreamer could be used for finding new jobs, it could find its niche as an online service that makes one’s work life more efficient.

The seed funding will go towards Workstreamer’s product development, as well as the launch of its commercial release of its main product.