Words With Friends, Bubble Witch Saga Top This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Games by DAU

Zynga games are seeing a bit of the lift this week as Words With Friends claims the top spot on our list of fastest-growing games by daily active users. Bubble Witch Saga and CityVille round out our top three.

While thoroughly integrated with its mobile parent game, Words With Friends for Facebook takes a different approach to monetization. The mobile game gets people to pay for a one-time download mainly as a way to avoid watching video ads between moves. The Facebook version keeps the video ads, but only allows players to opt out of watching them by inviting a certain number of friends. The actual monetization in the Facebook game comes from spending Facebook Credits on one of three gameplay-boosting features, like a “Count” tool that displays a player’s possible score as they place down individual tiles.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1.  Words With Friends4,900,000+400,000+9%
2.  Bubble Witch Saga2,200,000+200,000+10%
3.  CityVille11,800,000+200,000+2%
4.  FarmVille7,400,000+200,000+3%
5.  Ravenskye City1,400,000+200,000+15%
6.  Bejeweled Blitz2,700,000+100,000+4%
7.  Bubble Island2,200,000+100,000+5%
8.  Bubble Saga1,400,000+100,000+8%
9.  Diamond Dash2,400,000+100,000+4%
10.  Games1,700,000+100,000+6%
11.  Monster World1,800,000+100,000+6%
12.  Tetris Battle1,900,000+100,000+6%
13.  Texas HoldEm Poker6,500,000+100,000+2%
14.  المزرعة السعيدة670,000+100,000+18%
15.  Coco Girl400,000+90,000+25%
16.  Zombie Island230,000+70,000+37%
17.  Airport City390,000+60,000+17%
18.  Bubble Speed310,000+60,000+24%
19.  3D Slots270,000+50,000+22%
20.  BINGO Blitz800,000+50,000+7%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.

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